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Joanna Szuchnik, Henryk Skarzynski, Joanna Kosmalowa

Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing, Warsaw, Poland


Introduction. There is a task of great significance today to increase the effectiveness of hearing and speech therapy in hearing impaired children. The task cannot be reached without educated parents conscious of their role in the rehabilitation. The concept of home clinic of hearing and speech disorders rehabilitation meets the needs of making parents real partners of professionals in the process. 

Methods. The idea of home clinic. is our offer for families who are not able to come to our centre regularly because of financial and organisational reasons. We design and provide different aids supporting parents therapy activity at home - leaflets, books, video films, as well as educational and therapy programs on CDs. Additionally, specialists of the Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing consult on-line; e-mail correspondence is also used.

Results. More and more parents and specialists working in regional rehabilitation centres in Poland are interested in provided by us manuals, tests and educational toys, especially these using the computer technology. This is definitely because the concept meets the need of many families looking for effective and up-to-date techniques of supporting deaf children trying to acquire speech and language (the attractiveness of high technology for children is not meaningless too).

Conclusions. The most important factor in the rehabilitation - therapeutic contact between professionals and parents - must not be disregarded. Still, the enormous technological progress implicates solutions that are effective and economic - decreasing costs of medical care is now a main target. Different projects realised in home clinic. help to put this goal into effect.